Underway! Pilot: Labor-Safe Screen

The Sustainability Incubator and Humanity United have undertaken a project to develop the Labor-Safe Screen.  Industry partners are invited to participate in the pilot phase of the project January to April 2014.

The Labor-Safe Screen is for seafood industry users.  Plug basic product info in to generate a map of the supply chain.  Hotspots for impact will light up.  Recommendations are provided for what your company can do to improve social impact where labour overexploitation may be an issue.  A database takes care of the knowledge side.  That makes it easier, cheaper and faster to find out what the social conditions are around supplies and to know what to do.

Ten major export products from Thailand will be run through the pilot phase to test the Labor-Safe Screen.  First there will be a research phase to trace the flow of all supplies for each product from fishing at-sea through trans-shipping, primary processing and co-manufacture of export products.  Second is a verification phase to help ground-truth the results.

The Sustainability Incubator is looking for industry partners interested in the pilot of the Labor-Safe Screen.

The products for the pilot are:

1. Small & byproduct tuna-tonggol, albacore, skipjack, yellowfin, bigeye

2. Surimi type products

3. Trawl bycatch-fish meal for aquaculture

4. Trawl bycatch-fish meal and fish oils for pet food

5. Fresh or frozen tuna-yellowfin mix

6. Wild shrimp-multiple species

7. Farmed shrimp-vannamei

8. Squid

9. Crab

10. Farmed freshwater fish

Please contact Katrina at info@sustainability-incubator.com for more information.

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