Fishery Improvement Projects

Pontchartrain Blue Crab

Yucatan Crab Fishery Improvement Project
Project website:

Contact us for more information on launching a project. Generally the timeline is 6 months and costs start at $20k.  You’ll need a good contact in the source area who can provide catch information and coordinate with regulators to make improvements happen. We’ll prepare a preliminary assessment of the fishery to the Marine Stewardship Council standard and meet the criteria for launching the project credibly on


New England Ocean Perch Fishery Improvement Project

Projects we assist meet the credibility criteria of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions.  We are trained in the MSC standard and we also review fisheries against the Seafood Watch criteria when requested.

What’s included?  We support FIPs with pre-assesments to the Marine Stewardship Council standard.  We also listen to partipants for their priorities and trends they see.  The overall goal is to strengthen fishing rights and responsibilities at the base of the supply chain.

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