What can a company do to be a Trusted Trader? Comments to NOAA & the Federal Register

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has asked for comments from the public to help it and other U.S. federal agencies define the criteria for “Trusted Traders”.  It is for a new program requiring traceability for imported seafood made from species at-risk for illegal fishing overseas.  Our understanding is criteria will be made available to U.S. seafood importing companies to qualify as Trusted Traders to fast track the process.

The Sustainability Incubator has provided comments, which may be found on the federal register.

We propose that Trusted Traders are those U.S. companies which can show due diligence for sourcing with legality. Rather than a cumbersome reporting program, we would like to suggest eligible companies can demonstrate how they are tracking the supply chains behind their products and managing for legality in procurement in an efficient and accurate way.

In sharing comments our purpose is to specify some of the ways American food companies seeking “Trusted Trader” status could report information to federal authorities to help end illegal fishing, recognizing it is one part of a shared responsibility across many parties—each needing to play their role too for any change to occur.

We also suggest NOAA consider the big data gaps. Suggestions are offered for things that can be measured to help enact the changes NOAA wants to see to lower illegal fishing worldwide. We offer a partial list of the information needed to track changes over time to see if things are getting any better.

Please see our comments in the document provided, entitled  Closing loopholes for imported seafood_Help from Trusted Traders_Sustainability Incubator_June 6 2016

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