Tackling Risk

AIG put out an incredible ad that says it all on tackling risk.

It features the New Zealand All Blacks waging a full scale attack on the innocent people of Tokyo.  Keep watching however and you’ll learn why.

It is fun to watch, despite the carnage.  The message is we’ve got a team of powerful agents who will do what it takes to make you safe, even if it hurts a little.  I respond to the message because our young company, the Sustainability Incubator, in its fifth year now, is similarly positioned in the food sector.  We have developed the tools companies need to address severe threats of illegal product in their trade, and the liability that comes with it.  It’s a hard sell because you can’t see the liability, like in the ad.

Some days it feels like we’re supposed to have eyes in the back of our head and other days it feels like it’s an esoteric age, with a lot of people making things up to try to sell to people (fake news, snake oil etc).  The thing is, it is a big time of transition and there is carnage.   In the food sector, the advantages markets have enjoyed from flexible labor and untraceable fish are starting to flip.  Some will be caught under falling debris, most likely distant buyers unaware of the product’s back story and the conditions of production at the base of the supply chain.  The All Blacks ad shows a smart, capable team of fast runners doing what needs to be done on the ground to protect people, even if it’s a little confronting.  I like that.