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Today I am thrilled to learn that Humanity United ( has officially joined the Sustainability Incubator as a partner to develop an industry tool to help clean up seafood supply chains from forced and trafficked labor.

We are looking for industry partners who would like to participate in a pilot of the tool in late 2013/14.  It is an auditing protocol for risk assessment and risk reduction in Thai seafood imports.  The tool is diagnostic.  It will find risk hotspots where forced and trafficked labor are brokered into supply chains for major Thai export products.  The tool is also a solution.  It can be employed by seafood exporter/importer pairs to clean up the supply chain for an important product from forced and trafficked labor — all of the way back to fishing vessels.

Participation is confidential however there are concrete opportunities available for positive profile of seafood leadership on this issue in the media.

Contact us for more information at  Watch for more news here soon.

Sea Pact Announcement

For Immediate Release – PLEASE DISTRIBUTE

Sea Pact Announces Inaugural Request for Grant Proposals

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CA, Sept. 9, 2013 – Sea Pact, a coalition of seafood industry leaders, announces their first Request for Grant Proposals. Sea Pact is working to advance sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices through a grant process that awards funds to projects that are most aligned with their mission. Through this RFP, Sea Pact aims to select a project in line with their goals; Fishery and Aquaculture Improvement Projects, habitat restoration efforts, scientific research and other projects are encouraged to apply. Responses are due by October 4th, 2013. Sea Pact will announce the grant recipients in November.

To apply for funding, organizations are asked to fill out the Grant Proposal form on the Sea Pact website:

“We hope to create meaningful change in the industry,” says Logan Kock, Vice President of Strategic Purchasing & Responsible Sourcing at Santa Monica Seafood and Chairman of the Sea Pact Board of Directors. “This RFP is an opportunity for our organization to learn about projects currently impacting our industry, and to pick the one that we feel will have the most influence.”

Albion Fisheries, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, Ipswich Shellfish Group, Santa Monica Seafood, Seacore Seafood and Seattle Fish Co. are the founding members of Sea Pact and share an active progressive approach to their sustainability commitments. Sea Pact works with New Venture Fund and receives sustainability counsel from non-profit organizations FishWise and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). To learn more about Sea Pact visit their website

Logan Kock, Santa Monica Seafood, (310) 886-7935
Guy Dean, Albion Fisheries, (604) 295-2025
Derek Figueroa, Seattle Fish Co., (303) 329-9595 x 124
Sal Battaglia, Seacore Seafood, (905) 856-6222 x 253
Mark Palicki, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, (630) 860-7324
Christian Callahan, Ipswich Shellfish Group, (978) 356-4371 x 3097